About Tina

Books, as I have always known them, were designed to reveal information sequentially. I am fascinated with interrupting the flow, altering the expected sequence, adding humor and visual puns and forcing the content to bump up against the structure. I love the precision and elegance of book constructions and materials.

The intimacy and scale allows them to be transferred, transposed, translated or used for a purpose that perhaps the author never intended (many a tome has been hurled across a room, used as a doorstop or perched impressively, unread, on a nightstand).

Any page may be enhanced with glorious type or art and words can be imbued with meaning, sentimentality or significance. However, I believe that it is the craft and design of bookmaking - or altering - that is the third essential aspect. It makes the book call out to be held, read, given away or discarded.

As the granddaughter of a sculptor and lithographer, the daughter of a poet, serigrapher and painter, what could be expected from such an inheritance?”

  • Received BFA with honors from Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • Awarded Ford Foundation Grant for sculpture installed in Tutt Library 1971.
  • Introduced to Book Arts in Corciano, Italy Summer 2010 through Academy of Art University Summer Abroad Program.
  • Participated in “Bibliophilia” Sebastopol Center for the Arts Summer 2011.
  • Enrolled in Charles Hobson’s “Artist’ Books/Evolving Books” studio intensive and exhibition at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Deer Isle, Maine Summer 2012.
  • Attended classes in Book Arts at San Francisco Center for the Book, Petaluma Art Center and Marin Museum of Contemporary Art 2011-13.
  • Continuing post-graduate studies in Book Arts and Letterpress with Macy Chadwick and Calligraphy with Claude Dieterich at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco
  • Member of the College Book Arts Association The Ladies’ Literary Society